Mentions Légales

Mention légale - Site web

Vmark France reserves the right to effect the amendments on the web it considers necessary without any prior notification, being able to change, delete or add as many of the contents and facilities it offers through its website as well as the way in which these are presented or where they are located.

Mention légale - produits

The products published on this server could contain faulty technical printing or typing errors. Due to this the information is periodically checked and could entail changes in the information in order to correct these mistakes. Vmarkundertakes responsibility for this and can in consequence carry out improvements and/or changes in the information on the product/s described herein.

Mention légale - support formulary

The application form Vmark asks its possible candidates to fill out is not associated to any data base located in the server. The attached information is sent directly to the Human Technical Support with the unique purpose of making use of it for helping clients purposes.


The links within our website are not controlled by Vmark and in no case will Vmarkundertake responsibility of the contents of any of these links or of any links found within these, nor of any amendments or updates effected to them. Vmark only provides these links for your convenience and the fact of including a link does not imply Vmark?s approval of all the contents.


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